The purpose for which this wiki had been created has not been an issue for a few years and only remains temporarily as an historical document.

When creating a new page for the Koha Large Document Wiki, please follow the new page creation note.

This is an old revision of the document!

Koha Large Document Wiki.

A supplement to the main Koha Developer Wiki.


This wiki is intended exclusively as a temporary supplement to the main Koha Developer Wiki at . The temporary period was intended to only be a few months in 2006 allowing time to evaluate implementing changes to correct for default DokuWiki stylesheet bugs hindering the readabiblity of some content and navigation limitations hindering the finding of content. Lack of attention from the administrator of the main Koha Developer Wiki has left the issue not receiving consideration.

Important New Page Creation Note.

If creating a new page for this wiki, please first create a matching page at a matching location in the main Koha Developer Wiki. If you can wait until after the problematic issues are corrected on the main Koha Developer Wiki before adding new pages, then you may avoid the need for the extra steps now specified.

Page and Namespace Creation, and Linking Within Each Wiki.

In both the main Koha Developer Wiki page and this supplementary Koha Large Document Wiki, create a point of access to your new page in the namespace page above just above the link including the relative namespace path from that point.

Brief summary of your new page.

Namespaces in the Koha Large Document Wiki should only have content relevant to documents included in this wiki or should otherwise link back to the main Koha Developer Wiki. [The Koha Large Document Wiki is a supplement to the main Koha Developer Wiki, not a fork.]

Please follow other guidance given in the Koha Wiki Contributors' Namespace Tutorial in the Main Koha Developer Wiki.

Title Headings.

On both the main Koha Developer Wiki page and the content holding page in this supplementary Koha Large Document Wiki, include an initial heading in the page before any other content.

======Title of Your New Page.======

This title will appear instead of the wiki namespace for the page in wiki navigation links.

Please include a brief summary of the page content on both wikis if needed.

Linking from the Main Koha Developer Wiki.

On the main Koha Developer Wiki page, include a link to the new page on this wiki where the content will be held.

Content temporarily moved to

for large document support.

Careful Matching Between the Wikis.

Be certain that all the needed namespace pages spearated by colons in the URL are present in both wikis or create them so the locations in the URL after ?id= are identical for the page in both wikis.

We do not want to fork the Koha Developer Wiki but merely supplement it. When problems for large document support in the Koha Developer Wiki have been corrected, all content from this wiki will be moved back to the main wiki and this wiki will be closed. We expect to move the page edit history back as well if we can manage.

DokuWiki Syntax Information.

Formatting Syntax contains an explanetory summary of DokuWiki syntax generally.

* Page Names describes DokuWiki pagenames and their syntax in detail.

* Namespace describes Dokuwiki namespaces and their syntax in detail.

Wiki Syntax Hint.

If line breaks do not occur as expected in text content, they may be forced with the following DokuWiki syntax.

line 1\\
line 2

Temporary Need for this Supplemental Wiki.

Problems with the default DokuWiki stylesheet currently used on the Koha Developer Wiki are most visible on large documents with complex content but almost every page is somewhat more difficult to read than it ought to be.

The Koha Large Document Wiki uses the stylesheets based upon those from the Monobook template for DokuWiki adapted from the ones used for MediaWiki popular for Wikipedia. The stylesheets and some template code for the placement of page elements have been extensively modified by the administrator of this wiki to enhance their pre-existing good qualities and fix some bugs.

The Monobook stylesheet together with enhancements may not be more aesthetically appealing than the default DokuWiki stylesheet if one is not attempting to actually read or edit the content but is certainly more aesthetically appealing when usability is a vital component of aesthetic apprehension.

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